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Eric has used predominately Marshall and Fender Amplifiers over the years. He also uses Fulton-Webb and Dumble amps.

From Mariani on, he has used vintage 100 Watt Marshall Heads with 4X12 Cabinets along with Fender Twin Reverb Amps. During the 70's, he also used a Hiwatt 100-watt head and a Mark One Boogie Head.

During the Electromagnets period he was using a one amp setup. After the recording of Tones, he went to a three amp setup with Twins for a clean rhythm sound, the Dumble for a dirty rhythm sound and Marshalls for solos.

He used a Dumble Head in the late 80's and early 90's. He dropped the Dumble in the early 90's after a power supply died, going to a two amp setup. On the 2011 tour he was once again using a Dumble as well as 100 watt Marshall heads and Fender Twins. Click this link to view his amp settings. For smaller club shows on the 2012 tour Eric has also been using a 1966 Marshall 18 watt combo, pictured here.

The effects and pedals he uses are very interesting and are always changing, click here to go to the pedals page for pictures and videos.

The diagram below was put together to illustrate Eric's typical amp/pedal setup.